Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

At all points in time, people all around the world are looking for some type of service that they need to aid themselves. Whether it is shopping online, or searching for a doctor in an area, people look for information all the time.


SEM directs customers looking for relevant keywords to your website. It is something that is ideal for a newly launched website as even small businesses can appear in prominent spots on Google’s first page with the correct budget and campaign strategy.

SEM is capable of gathering immediate traffic and impressions. It works by displaying links to your site in Google’s search results on relevant keywords. Your ads can also appear as banners on selected partner websites.

SEM works hand – in – hand with SEO. While SEM yields instant and scalable results, SEO takes months to build up an organic and a more permanent ranking of your website.

Our approach towards SEM:

1. Helping clients allocate an optimum budget

2. Keyword research

3. Market research for relevant partner website